Travel Bag of Tricks

Learn the tricks in knowing what to pack in your travel bag.

We all want to be prudent travellers, ironing out itineraries weeks before a trip, listing down must-bring items on a clean sheet, and more importantly, packing the essential items.

In reality, this rarely happens. The time to prepare clashes with life’s other priorities and before you know it, your lofty goals of planning a blissful holiday is in jeopardy.

Before you stumble around the house and rush for the airport, your travel bag should at least be ready among everything else, so you can pick it up on the fly.

All in the bag

Race car drivers trust their vehicles inside-out. It’s well-equipped with everything they need to blaze through the finish line. For travellers, their luggage is the race car that will take them from one destination to another. Hard-shell or durable leather, with wheels or without, a durable luggage has to be strong enough to cover many trips. If you’re the type who shops for dozens of souvenirs, you might find an expandable luggage suitable.

Around your neck

It’s difficult to survive a long-haul flight without a neck pillow. Sure, you can sleep in the plane in any position that might seem comfortable to you, but don’t blame us when you’re neck stiffens soon as your eyes open. A decision between a cushy memory foam, compressible-and-compact, or an inflatable pillow is something we’ll leave to you. What’s important is you get that forty winks and snore away in without strains.

Under your skin

Hopping from airports to train stations and other public locations means you are prone to germs and bacteria, so be ready with pocket-size sanitizing wipes, towelettes, and sanitizers. It’s a must to stay alert at this critical time in travelling. Moreover, it’s just as important to keep your ears to the ground for official health and travel advisories.

In your mobile

Let’s face it, you are itching to post images and videos on Instagram to show how awesome your trip is. But you’re worried that your photo-capturing skills aren’t good enough or your phone’s camera isn’t top-of-the-line. Attachable lenses, portable lighting kits, grips, and tripods are the handy tools you need. A power bank is just as important to keep you connected.

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