Esplanade Lends Artful Solace Offstage
Find some solace from the selected music performances and multimedia content free for access on Esplanade Offstage.

ASPIDISTRAFLY’s dreamy collaboration with haruka nakamura PIANO ENSEMBLE is a melodic relief in these uncertain times. The artistic pair’s Music With Scenery performance at Esplanade Recital Studio, along with a few more concerts from homegrown and international artists, is free for online viewing right now on Esplanade Offstage.

Launched in October of last year, Esplanade Offstage is a multimedia site launched by Esplanade – Theaters on the Bay for its exclusive content, which includes highlights of past concerts at the arts centre.

In light of the ongoing outbreak, social distancing, and stay-at-home notices, some highlights of Esplanade’s past concerts can be found on its The show goes on…line page, which is part of the centre’s initiatives to lift the spirits of people across Singapore battling through the crisis.

Mandopop duo StellaVee during their Say Whaaat? concert at Esplanade

From one ambient collaboration to a powerful musical fusion, DJ KoFlow’s intense Turntable-Orchestra Programme with the Metropolitan Festival Orchestra is a flashback treat for hip-hop and classical music fans alike. As for Singapore Mandopop supporters, they can rewatch StellaVee’s charming acts and vocals in their recent Say Whaaat? concert.

Rounding out the first set of releases is the reminiscent gig of Fredo, frontman of the legendary local rock band The Flybaits. Highlights of his Esplanade performance is slated for release on 3 April.

Delightful content continues to flow on Esplanade Offstage with inspirational and cultural stories, podcast episodes on performing arts, and music tracks that dive into influential beats and familiar sounds. I Kid You Not is a mini-series many families can enjoy as it features young ones taking lead roles while deftly performing various arts. Another series full of heartwarming melodies is Cargo Lift Sessions. We’ll leave this one to you to make a guess where the musical guests perform.

Kick back on your comfy couch and watch online shows, listen to tracks, or read up and immerse in the vibrant arts scene all on Esplanade Offstage’s official website.
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All photos courtesy of Esplanade

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