Up in the Air
Curb the suspense of waiting for flight information at the airports with these free, up-to-the-second, flight tracker mobile apps.

It’s amazing how the power of mobile keeps you on top of almost anything that’s going on in the world, including thousands of flights up in the air. Yes, flight tracker apps make it so convenient to check flight status, so you will know exactly what time your aeroplane will land or when you should pick up your wife at which airport terminal.


What FlightAware does is provide a live feed of any commercial flight status with any airline and flight number information. It can also narrow searches by airport and route. Those onboard a current flight can check their exact location with the app and determine the number of hours left before the plane lands. While the app doesn’t cost a buck, users can choose to pay to clear up their screens of those unwanted ads. Check the app here.


Departure and arrival times of an aircraft are essential information passengers need, but if you want to take it a notch higher with aircraft speed, altitude, and even the weather conditions, then download Flightradar24. It’s packed with more technical details for those into those sorts of things. The paid upgrades include flight histories of the aircraft, aeronautical charts, and info about the air traffic control within the plane’s proximity. Check the app here:


An easy-to-use app with a user-friendly interface, Flighty does the job quickly without bombarding users with too much information. On the screen, a real-time map will sure the aeroplane’s current location, airport and tail number details. It’s a popular app on iOS, and unfortunately, Android users will have to wait for its soonest release. Check the app here.

Plane Finder

One of the top flight tracker apps, Plane Finder has three versions that cater to all types of users. Plane Finder Lite is a no-fuss lightweight app that provides only the essentials. The full version comes with alerts, aeroplane information, and a whole selection of features. Plane Finder AR, which comes as a feature of the full version or standalone app, lets users identify flights by pointing their mobile at a plane flying in the sky. Check the app here.

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